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Case Study - A nationwide roadshow for local customers

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Talking Business Events

A nationwide roadshow delivering presentations and demonstrations to local customers

The Talking Business Events are an opportunity for our clients to meet their local customers in a hotel, football club or other such event suite. Delivering a combination of presentations and demonstrations, and usually incorporating lunch, these events are on an almost constant UK tour.

Aimed at groups of between 50 and 200 attendees, our client targets certain key towns to visit, and asks their local representatives to suggest a number of alternative venues. We then conduct site visits on all suggested venues to assist our client to select the most suitable.

We then organise a travelling roadshow around the selected venues, producing a Production Plan that incorporates a complete schedule of activity, including floorplans, detailed and specific notes for all crew and roles, and the ubiquitous but essential Health and Safety documentation.

Once this has been approved by the client, we simply deliver!

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